In my project “Play With Color” I mix the vanguard with reality. From the vanguard I take its energetic geometry, a rich palette of colors and the strive to show meaning through abstract shapes. However, there are no elements on the photos that would go beyond the natural world. That is where the vanguard as a style of presentation balances on the verge of direct depiction.

Every figure I add to my photo during the final editing phase only ever repeats what is already there. Sharp angles and irregular polygons are glares from the glass through which I shoot my still life. The circles copy the shape of a flower or a fruit to a millimeter in size. Bright accent color is chosen not randomly, but based on the brightest spot for the object of the shooting.

In this series I do not distort reality, I kind of suggest my own turn in a dialogue staged by myself. Kantian as if principle is realized here through this interaction. A new emphasis in the shot reveals itself as if cut flowers could talk and the photographer could respond in their language and as if this conversation could be meaningful. The shape and color, carefully selected in the dialogue with the shot, create a new reality above the original one so that it becomes hard to distinguish one from the other. 

Originally a visual conundrum, playing with color turns into speech impossible to imagine in the ordinary world. It could have a sound, but it possesses other means of communication. Just a glare on the glass or an RGB dot and that’s it. This is enough.