The long severe winter historically occupies a special place in the grid of the Russian mind. Strongly defined seasons cause intensely acute experiencing of the natural cycle where the winter period is seen as the zero phase, the phase of realization and reload. The snow, covering the earth´s scars and irregularities and erasing all the trace of the accumulated dirt, turns from natural matter into metaphysical, drawing a border dividing past experiences from the new ones, still to be had. Snow is a pristine story, fleeting, fragile, not fully defined or told by anybody. The snow strikes you with its magnitude, but actually it’s quite defenseless. The color of snow is always full of different colors thanks to its crystal-like surface and partial transparency.

The snow aesthetic appears to be complicated for visual perception. At the same time looking at such fragile matter brings you an eternal piece of mind. The winter kind of setting everything to zero does not imply any loss or decay; it acquires a form of purification, breaking all the barriers. It’s as if the blurry horizon of what’s to come clears, so does the fog, and the only thing left is the even snow-white surface, with separate bits blurring into one.

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