I see death not as a final point, but as transformation of the life cycle, as resetting to zero and resuming a new count. I embraced it after an array of complex and strange circumstances and living through them. 

I create the so called magical recipes of life, which have been shaping in stages: the process of gathering of herbs and flowers, drying them, laying them out, combining them and performing digital manipulations. 

Each recipe has a certain set of ingredients: polyflower, avant-garde geometric elements and added shapes of color, which do not distort the reality, but merely repeat what has been shot already, emphasizing the cyclical nature of life.

I choose colors based on the brightest spot of the shot as the final ingredient of every recipe in order to create a more extensive psychological impact on the spectator. 

This way I shape chaos into a system of signs and invent my own method of alternative treatment.

Dried flowers that I cannot say goodbye to are listed and placed into boxes, and this becomes a continuation of my practice in the future.