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b. 1983, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. 


The title of Excellence Artist of FIAP (EFIAP) from The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP, France)


2021 “Ballerina and flowers” Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, France, the seafort Coubert

2017 “Ballerina and flowers”, Gallery “Luna”, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


2021 Autobiography of the city, “”,  Gallery FFTN / Saint Petersburg, Russia

2017 In/Out Transylvania Photo Festival, “Anchors” / Cluj, Romania

2017 The feeling of home, “Anchors” / Avent Inn Nevsky Hotel, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2017 Finalist Slide Luck London, ON “Anchors” / Hassan Law Community Gallery, London, UK

2017 Finalist Slide Luck Prato II, “One soul in two bodies»/ Prato, Italy

2017 FIOF R-evolution 2017, “One soul in two bodies” / Barletta, Italy

2017 FIOF R-evolution/ Immagina 2017, “One soul in two bodies” / Lanciano, Italy

2017 Young Russian photographers — 2017, “One soul in two bodies”, “Riot” / Moscow, Russia

2017 Fixage 2017, “Riot” / The Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2017 It’s time, FIOF — Orvieto 2017, “One soul in two bodies»/ Orvieto, Italy

2017 Portraits 2017 / The Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado, USA

2016 Invasion, Photovisa, “One soul in two bodies” / The Center of Modern Art, Krasnodar, Russia

2010 — 2015 more than 200 group exhibitions in FIAP, PSA, GPU, RPS photo salons in 38 countries


2017 Laureate of Young Russian photographers — 2017, grant, “One soul in two bodies” / Russia 

2016 IPA / USA / Honorable mention

2016 IPA / Russia / Gold Medal 

2015 Gold Medal Asahi Shimbun / Japan

2010 — 2015 more than 60 FIAP, PSA, GPU, RPS awards on photo salons in 38 countries


2015 — 2021 Jury of 9 International FIAP and PSA photo contests 

2018 — 2019 Jury of 4 International photo contests under the Federation Levantina de Fotografia, Spain


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