Who knows whether Atlantis ever existed? That mythic space, erased from the face of the earth because of the excessive pride of the people who inhabited it, could just have been a figment of imagination. I’ve been collecting exhibits of an illusive past, creating a museum in the real world. All that remains of a lost civilization ends up in the museum of the modern civilization because history repeats itself.

I collect exhibits of illusive past; all that is left of a lost civilization ends up in the museum of modern times because history repeats itself. People today are just as excessively vain, aggressive and obsessed with the assertion of their superiority. According to Alfred Wegener’s continental drift hypothesis, throughout the existence of the planet more than one Atlantis could have emerged and then disappeared under water. Atlantis hasn’t got an exact location, just a virtual location of its projection.

The photobook “Autobiography of the city”.

Curator: Ekaterina Vasilyeva