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I create symbolic series of works that often balance between portrait and still life.

The main theme of my art is death and memories people have of the phenomena that are already gone. The object of my interest are always the elements of semantic code, scattered around us, linking us to something bigger.

Although I work with themes which are emotionally complicated for most people, my art is optimistic. To me, death does not mean the end of existence. Being physically gone, a phenomenon leaves behind a semantic field that serves as comfort to the people interested in it. By staying whole and functioning in a perfect space, it remains accessible through tangible objects reminding anyone seeking its advice of its existence.

The border between life and death in my photo projects is as thin as the surface of a light mirror. The world of my art is saturated with refined beauty and utter tenderness to the world as the object of art. My photography leaves no place for weighty pessimism and depression.  “There is no death”, —  my art says. — “There are memories one ought to be in touch with.”