ARTIST STATEMENT. Yulia Artemyeva. Photoartist

“My constant is variable”.

Yulia’s art is concentrated around the constant transformation of the world. In order to understand her photography, one has to imagine how the plot unfolds in time.

Every single project of hers is an experiment on the verge between a portrait and a still life. Sometimes there is no character at all, but their personality borders are marked by the objects. Sometimes a character is made impersonal as though dissolving in the objects around them. Color effects, glare and distortion intensify the impression of fragility. They remind you of the continuous transformation of a person, which is not only beyond their control, but also beyond their awareness.

In her latest projects Yulia explores the fragile world of human emotions, the metaphysical connection between a woman and her body, the subject of death and transformation.

A unifying thread connecting all these projects is the silence and contemplation, the silent eloquence of objects, the highest blossom of life, which immediately turns into chaos and dust. A light, sentimental world, so changeable.